Organic hydrogen from biogenic residues.

What are biogenic residues?

16 Mt/a in Germany.

Biogenic residues include all natural biomass that is the product of organic metabolization. In addition to organic waste and crop residues, this also includes waste streams that are difficult to recycle, such as sewage sludge.


100 % organic.

100 % local.

100 % flexible.

What is organic hydrogen?




By organic hydrogen we mean CO2-negative hydrogen, which is produced from 100% biogenic and local waste materials.

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The bhyo Way is the interface between technology & sustainability.

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instead of disposal.

bhyo only uses locally generated waste materials for its plants. The focus is on recycling into higher-value resources compared to traditional, energetically inefficient disposal. The resulting energy can be used locally in a variety of ways.

Efficient & local energy supply.

bhyo promotes a local and efficient energy supply from renewable sources. Our decentralized systems reduce dependence on supra-regional grids and support a sustainable, self-sufficient energy future.


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