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Harnessing the power of the sun to manage the energy supply of tomorrow.


Working with municipalities to build a climate-positive and nature-friendly hydrogen infrastructure using sustainable raw materials.

How we achieve this.

Hydrogen technologies are competitive, are produced locally and have a negative carbon footprint.

Our values.

We have defined 5 pillars for the cornerstone of our economic and ecological success.

Our team.

Rolf Schmitt

CEO & Founder | Management

Bernd Bodeit

CFO & Founder | Finance & Accounting

Nicole Petry

Management Assistant | Organization

Eric Schmitt

Co-Founder | Strategy & Marketing

Martin Karch

Head of Engineering & Founder | Engineering

Hubertus Winkler

Founder | Process

Alexander Becker

Project Manager | Engineering

Viola Wolf

Process Support | Engineering

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bhyo was founded in 2018, but has a long history of working with leading global industrial service providers. In collaboration with Bilfinger and Linde, our patented bhyo hydrogen technology was developed and tested in a state-of-the-art test facility.

We are a green energy startup specializing in the production of organic hydrogen. Our patented process encompasses various resource and energy streams, creating an efficient recycling of waste materials and a sustainable energy supply. Through our holistic and decentralized energy concept, bhyo helps communities to build autonomous structures and regional networks and can make a significant contribution to nature and climate protection.

Last year, we were able to secure funding and support for the next stages of development. We are currently expanding the existing test facility in collaboration with the city of Speyer and are developing the concept for a commercial pilot facility, which is to be built following the successful expansion of the test facility.



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Test facility.

pilot plant.


Our values.


Our 5 pillars.

We have defined 5 pillars for the cornerstone of our economic and environmental success. We believe that these values should embody us as a company, but also as individuals, to guide us in our actions and create awareness for our environment.


As a green energy start-up, sustainability is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. For us, sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations. We want to reflect this idea in all our business processes and practices. We strive to deliver sustainable solutions that benefit not only our customers or shareholders, but also the planet.


As a green energy start-up, our work is closely linked to politics and society. We want to promote cooperation with municipalities and work to involve regional stakeholders in our projects. By fostering regional relationships and partnerships and supporting the local economy, we help to promote sustainable growth and prosperity in our region. The idea of locality should also be reflected in other areas of our activities. Sustainability and locality are closely linked and guide our actions in all areas of the company.


We are committed to absolute transparency and honesty in all aspects of our business. In the course of our close political cooperation and public attention on the topic of energy production and climate change, we strive to create true and honest value. Our goal is to create real, sustainable impact. Therefore, our dealings with stakeholders must always be kept open and honest. We must also aim to embody our message internally and motivate ourselves intrinsically to act sustainably.


At bhyo, we focus on innovation - in our processes, in our products and in our way of thinking. For us, innovation not only means achieving technological progress, but also creative problem-solving, continuous improvement and future-oriented thinking. This applies to system development as well as in the office or in private life. We therefore want to promote a culture of openness and experimentation in order to generate the best ideas and make the best possible contribution to a green energy future.


We believe in the power of relationships and collaboration. We strive to create a strong connection with all our stakeholders - from our employees and customers to our partners and the local community. Our goal is to create value for all and build a network of mutual respect, trust and support. Only together can we achieve our goals and implement ideas in the best possible way. The best way to achieve this is through inclusive cooperation with colleagues, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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